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Webinar: Status Of 5G Technology and Implications For Manufacturing


November 24, 2020 | 11:00 am – 12:30 pm ET

In partnership with SME, we are pleased to invite you to an event dedicated to 5G & Industry 4.0. This event is FREE to attend!

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Welcome to 5G! Come discover how this latest in greatest technology can help you in the Industry 4.0 revolution with regards to production. Learn from industry leasing-use cases from other worldwide partners.

Join us for a brief 5G introduction, details about ENCQOR: a 1,100km pre-commercial 5G network that provides free access for all Quebec & Ontario based enterprises, followed by an interactive Q&A with our presenters.


Robert Lalla – Technology Innovation Manager
Robert is responsible for the Ericsson Montreal Innovation Lab in Montreal, an open innovation space focused on developing and enabling next generation use cases related to the ongoing 5G revolution.

Vince Ragosta – System Expert
Vince is Senior Expert in the areas on Voice, IMS and 5G. Throughout his career, Vince has help shaped the applications of tomorrow which are now the basic features we utilize daily.