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Strategic Event Partners, Industry Supporters, and Media Partners

Strategic Event Partners



The CMTDA is a trade association dedicated to the marketing of machine tools and services in Canada throughout distributorship companies. Founded in 1942, the CMTDA currently consists of over 80 members. The CMTDA website maintains interactive reports of Machine Tool sales data from 2008 to present. The CMTDA is always accepting applications for new members. You can download the application form from the CMTDA website.



The Canadian Tooling & Machining Association (CTMA) was established in 1963 by uniting various trade associations into one strong organization that represented the "Tooling Industry" in Canada.

The tooling industry encompasses all involved in the design, manufacture, repair, or assembly of tools, dies, moulds, models, patterns, jigs, fixtures, gauges, machinery, machining systems, robotics, automation equipment, machine shop products, cutting tools and all related industries and service providers including general jobbing.

Membership is restricted to manufacturers and industry suppliers as associate members to ensure that the CTMA will always be devoted to manufacturing in the tooling and machining sectors in Canada.

Membership has continued to increase and this has resulted in the formation of Chapters in Windsor, Toronto and Western Ontario. These chapters meet on a regular basis and provide networking opportunities for members.

The NATIONAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS for CTMA is elected from the general membership. The Board represents the different industries involved in the manufacture of tooling and machine shop products.



When it comes to welding technology, EWI focuses on helping customers identify their challenges, develop technical solutions to address them, and set them up for successful implementation. Questions addressed to EWI experts are often open-ended: Where do we start? How do we fix or improve something? What are our options for materials and processes? EWI’s robust R&D teams and testing labs support the decisions your company needs to make. To know more, please visit

CWB Group picks up where EWI leaves off to help companies meet industry standards once procedures are in place. The group can answer questions like these: How do we comply with industrial regulations and meet quality criteria? Who can validate our applications? How can we effectively ramp up our workforce for production? CWB offers welding certification, management systems registration (ISO), shop floor safety and quality inspection, and training and membership services. To know more, please visit



The APMA is Canada’s national association representing OEM producers of parts, equipment, tools, supplies, advanced technology, and services for the worldwide automotive industry. Founded in 1952, its members account for 90% of independent parts production in Canada. The Association’s fundamental objective is to promote the original equipment (O.E.) automotive supply manufacturing industry both domestically and internationally.

The Association provides important industry representation to both Federal and Provincial Governments, supports regional government initiatives, and creates and executes global marketing initiatives to develop trade and business opportunities for our membership. In addition to advocacy, the APMA also provides its members with business development solutions and opportunities as well as guidance and assistance in modernizing their operations to suit the needs of Industry 4.0.


Industry Supporters


AI 4 Manufacturing Canada

AI 4 Manufacturing Canada is an industry non-profit organization that takes a leadership role in educating Canadian manufacturers and technology companies on how to best adopt artificial intelligence (AI). The focus is networking of manufacturers, technology companies, consultants, suppliers, educational institutions, and governments with the exchange of information, advocacy, innovation, and collaboration.



The Canadian Association of Moldmakers (CAMM) is Canada’s leading national association representing Moldmakers, Service providers and Suppliers to the global mold-making Industry. CAMM’s main objective is to promote the mold-making industry and its members locally, nationally, and internationally; as well as provide representation to the Federal and Provincial governments. CAMM weighs in on government initiatives and provides insights on behalf of the industries they serve. CAMM is committed to the educational sector, ensuring that their industry will continue to grow in strength and technology and that the youth will choose these trades as their career path.


Canada Makes

Canada Makes is a network dedicated to promoting the adoption and development of advanced and additive manufacturing (AM) in Canada. Canada Makes is focused on facilitating the connection of organizations locally, nationally, and internationally to promote collaboration and innovation in additive manufacturing.

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Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME)

Since 1871, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) has been helping manufacturers grow at home and compete around the world. Their focus is to ensure manufacturers are recognized as engines for growth in the economy, with Canada acknowledged as both a global leader and innovator in advanced manufacturing and a global leader in exporting. CME is a member-driven association that directly represents more than 2,500 leading companies who account for an estimated 82 per cent of manufacturing output and 90 per cent of Canada’s exports.

To help manufacturing businesses grow, CME created the Ontario Made program in July of 2020, with the support of the Ontario government. Ontario Made is a celebration of manufacturing that brings awareness to the locally manufactured products made in our own backyard. The program is a free branding opportunity for manufacturers to reach more customers, grow their brand awareness, and strengthen our local supply chains by facilitating connections between businesses across Ontario.



The CTBC is a Canadian chartered, not-for-profit organization formed in 2001 in recognition of the importance of Turkey as a strategic trade and investment partner for Canada. We provide a variety of activities that enhance business and trade relations between Canada and Turkey. CTBC membership provides preferred access to our events, ensures members are kept aware of and can influence developments, and allows numerous opportunities to raise corporate profiles both in Canada and in Turkey. Specific offerings include trade missions, conferences, and networking events; market intelligence and briefings; and support for market access and policy issues.

MaRS Discovery District

MaRS Discovery District is a commercialization engine committed to developing founders and their companies across the Canadian startup ecosystem and beyond. We are thrilled to partner with SME and participate in the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show. Visit us at the event to connect and learn from the best and brightest talent and innovation in the manufacturing space. We will be inviting guest speakers and companies to create an insightful series of conversation and networking. To learn more about how MaRS supports startups and to apply for one of our programs, please visit



NGen is the industry-led, non-profit organization leading Canada’s Global Innovation Cluster for Advanced Manufacturing. One of five national networks supported by Canada's ambitious Global Innovation Clusters Initiative. We are founded on the principle that digital transformation in advanced manufacturing will enrich the lives of Canadians, delivering better products and good jobs while generating the economic growth essential to a better future.


Media Partners

Canadian Metalworking

Canadian Metalworking

At Canadian Metalworking it is our ongoing goal to write about the technologies that matter to Canadian manufacturers from coast to coast, technologies that can have a dramatic effect on shop productivity. Each issue of Canadian Metalworking features new product information, technology advice, and stories from innovative shops. During the year readers can expect in-depth coverage of milling, turning, grinding, EDM equipment, quality and measurement devices, and additive manufacturing technology, as well as software and IT designed for the manufacturer. Canadian Metalworking also is home to information about the consumables of our industry, including carbide inserts and tooling.

Additional Resources

Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering is a highly respected magazine serving U.S. engineers and other manufacturing professionals who use manufacturing technologies. The magazine’s history dates back to 1935, when SME first published it as Tool Engineer. In the 1960s, the magazine was called Tool and Manufacturing Engineer. In the 1970s, it became Manufacturing Engineering and Management. Since 1975, the magazine has been known as Manufacturing Engineering, or as our customers sometimes call us, M.E.

Additional Resources

Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing focuses on advanced manufacturing technologies and tools that are driven or enhanced by integrated information technology. Smart Manufacturing is available free of charge to qualified subscribers in the US.

Additional Resources