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AI at the Edge of Understanding in Manufacturing

  • today
  • access_time 10:30 - 11:00 AM ET
  • location_onSmart Theatre | SME ZONE
  • blur_circularTech Talk

Artificial intelligence (AI), a new wave of technology, is profoundly changing the world and affecting every aspect of our lives. Since the term was first proposed in 1956, AI has been a frontier subject in computer science from its inception to present-day “Deep Learning”. From Deep Blue to AlphaGo, from the snowy walk of robot Atlas to its thrilling triple jump, from the earliest chatbot Eliza to today's virtual assistants, AI is continually evolving. 

The discussion is focused around basic knowledge of artificial intelligence. Based on the use of artificial intelligence technology to solve the real world problems, we raise awareness about the role artificial intelligence plays in Digital Transformation and how machine builders (OEMs) are significant drivers to a quickening adoption pace of AI into  manufacturers. Through the use of examples, the audience will learn to use artificial intelligence to solve practical problems. We run through activities and use real life cases to illustrate the concepts and how high-performance computing (HPC) help solve complex problems associated with more advanced manufacturing equipment. In particular, a published white paper written about equipment prognosis and availability monitoring through vibration analysis using AI for manufacturing will be available to attendees. Unlike other material, the main learning methods of the discussion are experiential learning, which explains concepts on the basis of using "perceived experience”, ”practical inquiry”, "thinking and communication" and "information”. 

The examples shown in the presentation use an AI development platform used by Hexagon Technology Inc., to determine optimal hardware for artificial intelligence applications in the real world today.  Introduction of the latest chip technology driving the development of AI will also be provided through video by Intel’s innovation community located in Silicon Valley, California. 

Globally, AI thought leaders all agree that artificial intelligence will touch practically all aspects of our lives over the course of the 21st century. Hexagon Technology’s platform and proposed approach are designed to provide the basic skills all technologists need to start their path to develop an AI maturity framework and begin introducing the benefits AI can bring to their company and for their career.