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Prepare Your Organization for Industry 4.0 with Digital Lean Sigma

  • today
  • access_time 5:00 - 5:30 PM ET
  • location_onSmart Theatre | SME ZONE
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Did you know that 50% of Robotic Automation Projects and 70% of Digital Transformations fail? Ever Wondered Why? 

It is tempting to implement technology whenever we have an efficiency or process problem.  Technology seems magical when it works.  There are so many highly visible examples of success that we don’t realize that failures are also very common.  Surprising to most people, technology projects fail as often as they succeed (50% of Robotic Automation Projects Fail – Business Today, January 2, 2018) and digital transformation projects that aim to provide better customer service and engagement fail even more often (70% of Digital Transformation Projects Fail – Forbes, Sep. 30, 2019).  Why is that?  Too much focus on technology and not enough focus on people and process.  People should be the backbone of a company.  They should be creative, competent, and capable.  They are the key to implementing new process adaptation, improvements and absorbing new technologies.    

This overview gives the attendees a stronger understanding of why most automation and digital transformations fail and how can Digital Lean Sigma assure the probability of success. This seminar will also provide each participant the opportunity to experience how Digital Lean Sigma can help organizations lead breakthrough improvements and revolutionary transformation in reducing costs due to errors & unwarranted variations and to improve efficiency and revenues. Participants gain a deeper understanding of the methodology and its applications and its importance for the organization and their performance excellence endeavours. It helps them devise a pathway to leap forward in to integrating their organization with AI and IoT.