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SME Events+ Mobile App: Your Ultimate CMTS Companion



Smart Technology to Maximize Your CMTS Experience

We've invested in SMART TECHNOLOGY to bring you a curated CMTS experience that aligns with your professional goals and enhances your productivity at CMTS!

  • NEW! Discover Your Personalized People, Product, Exhibits and Session Recommendations, powered by A.I.
  • Access Real-Time Updates, Special Offers & Exclusive Content
  • Save Exhibitors and Products that You Want to See at CMTS
  • Connect with People You Want to Meet
  • Build Your Agenda Before You Arrive
  • Navigate the Floor Plan

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Download SME Events+ and Unlock Unparalleled Networking, Learning, and Engagement at CMTS

How to Join

  1. Register for CMTS
  2. Download the SME Events+ app to your device. Search ‘SME Events+’ in your app store.
  3. We have pre-loaded your information: simply login using the same email address that you used to register for CMTS, use the magic link to create your password, and update your profile to begin!

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Key Features

  • Event Schedule
  • Interactive Floor Plan & Exhibitor List
  • AI-Powered Matchmaking
  • Featured Products and Special Offers
  • Networking: Save Connections, Send Messages and Schedule Meetings 
  • Interactive Activity Feed
  • Search & Filter by Technologies
  • Manufacturing Resources within SME and beyond

Note: The SME Events+ mobile app is powered by Swapcard, a leading event engagement platform.