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Student Day


Students are invited to discover and explore the world of advanced manufacturing and a brand new learning experience on Student Day at CMTS, October 7, 2021.

Students will explore exhibits of advanced technologies, talk with industry experts, see the latest manufacturing innovations, and meet university students studying advanced manufacturing careers.

Inspiring the Next Generation Manufacturing Workforce

The SME Education Foundation Student Summit event at CMTS delivers student-centric programming, hands-on challenges and competitions, technology demonstrations, and guided show-floor tours.

Guided Show-Floor Tour and Technology Demonstrations

Students and educators will discover new manufacturing technologies, processes, innovations and educational opportunities as they interact with manufacturing exhibitors during a guided tour of the CMTS show floor.

For information about speaking at or attending an SME Education Foundation Student Summit, please contact Sandy Wilton at

Student Day
“I love technology in manufacturing – manufacturing technology is going places – and I’m excited to be part [of CMTS]. It’s amazing to be part of the manufacturing industry!”– Luca Z., CNC Programming Student, Institute of Machine Tool Technology