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CMTS 2023: A Fusion of Innovation, Education, and Government Endorsement in Canadian Manufacturing

CMTS-Day-Two.jpgThe Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS) 2023, orchestrated by SME at the Toronto Congress Centre, was a landmark event that celebrated the vibrancy and forward momentum of Canada's manufacturing sector. Drawing in over 9,000 attendees, the show was a testament to SME's commitment to fostering manufacturing talent and advancing new technologies in North America.

CMTS 2023's atmosphere buzzed with innovation and opportunity. Over 200 new products unveiled their potential, spanning a diverse array of technologies from 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing to Industry 4.0/IIoT and Automation. Each display and demonstration offered a glimpse into a future shaped by technological ingenuity.

Integral to the event's success were the over 50 educational sessions, providing attendees with a platform to absorb the latest trends and advancements. These sessions underscored the event's role as a nexus of learning and thought leadership.

The presence of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Mayor Olivia Chow, and Premier Doug Ford provided a significant endorsement from all three government levels. Prime Minister Trudeau's walkthrough and interactions with exhibitors highlighted the government's support for advancing the manufacturing industry.

Daily networking sessions offered attendees the chance to exchange ideas, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. These gatherings were more than just meetings; they were vibrant hubs of discussion, idea exchange, and potential partnerships.

CMTS 2023 also served as a critical marketplace for equipment decision-makers, with a significant majority of attendees involved in their companies' purchasing processes. This aspect further established the event's importance in driving business and technological adoption in the industry.

Looking ahead to CMTS 2025, we anticipate an even more expansive and innovative showcase. Set to continue as the beacon for the manufacturing sector in North America, CMTS invites you to join from September 29 to October 2, 2025. For more information and to be a part of this manufacturing revolution, visit