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3 Reasons to Attend Manufacturing Industry Events in Toronto

As the manufacturing industry advances in Ontario, attending industry events in Toronto is essential to keep up with new technologies. Manufacturing industry events such as trade shows are a great place to meet and learn from industry experts who are working at the forefront of manufacturing.

Aside from learning from experts, manufacturing trade shows allow attendees to connect with other industry professionals and suppliers. By bringing the local manufacturing community together, industry events in Toronto drive innovation and growth within the region’s manufacturing sector. Keep reading to find out why it’s beneficial for Toronto manufacturers and manufacturing companies to attend these types of events.

Advance Your Digital Transformation Journey

The manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly digital, with companies adopting smart technologies to help overcome problems and improve production operations. The industry 4.0 era is here, and manufacturers that don’t implement advanced technologies risk becoming obsolete.

Even though most manufacturers know a digital transformation is necessary for their business to succeed, many are not sure where to start. These manufacturers are either at the beginning of their digital transformation journey, or they have already started implementing smart technologies but are not sure where to go from there.

Regardless of where manufacturers are in this journey, attending manufacturing industry events will help them gain perspective and allow them to meet with advanced technology vendors in the Toronto area. If they already have a digital transformation strategy, they can come prepared to meet with specific vendors at these events to obtain quotes and information about the technologies they are looking for.

On the other hand, if their company is just starting a digital transformation journey, it can be accelerated by attending industry events. Manufacturing business events offer the opportunity to network with other professionals and learn what worked for them, listen to manufacturing experts discuss digital transformations, and meet with suppliers of advanced technologies. One piece of advice many manufacturing leaders give is to determine business needs first, and then seek out technology that will help address them.

Source Solutions to Your Manufacturing Problems

Another reason to attend industry events as a Toronto manufacturing company is to connect with manufacturing suppliers. These events attract suppliers not only from throughout the region, but also throughout the country and even international suppliers from the United States.

Gaining access to an extensive group of suppliers like this allows manufacturers to connect with companies that can help solve their biggest manufacturing problems. Whether they already know what they’re looking for or need help figuring out what might best suit their needs, these events attract plenty of knowledgeable vendors ready to answer questions.

In addition to being able to speak directly with suppliers, industry events also have live demonstrations where attendees can watch technologies in action and see their features in person. These technology demonstrations help manufacturers learn more about products and determine if they will effectively meet their needs and serve as the solution to their problems or pain points.

Discover the Latest Manufacturing Trends

As mentioned, industry events attract manufacturing leaders. These experts are great to connect with and learn from. They can offer insight into common manufacturing problems and issues facing the industry.

Manufacturing experts serve as knowledgeable resources at events, often giving talks or presentations. Popular industry topics include digital transformations, sustainability in manufacturing, training/upskilling the workforce, and industry 4.0. Attending these sessions can help manufacturing professionals learn about new trends and technologies in the industry. This teaches attendees where the industry is headed and what the future of manufacturing will look like.

The Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show

If you’re convinced that attending industry events in Toronto will be beneficial to your company, you should attend the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS). CMTS is a Toronto-based manufacturing trade show that takes place every two years. This event has live technology demonstrations, networking events, and keynotes and panels with manufacturing industry experts. There’s also a focus on automotive and aerospace, as these are two prominent Toronto manufacturing industries. Come to CMTS and see for yourself how valuable participating in manufacturing events can be for your business.