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Manufacturing Machinery Advancements in Canada

Manufacturing machinery in Canada is rapidly advancing as the industry continues to embrace and implement new technologies. The Canadian government has heavily invested in the country’s manufacturing industry, offering a number of grants, loans, and other funding opportunities to support the growth of the industrial sector. As a result of the country’s commitment, there has been significant innovation in manufacturing machinery.

Machine Tool Technology Advancements

CNC machines and other manufacturing equipment has significantly advanced, with new capabilities that are improving the machining process while simultaneously making it faster and cheaper. One example is smart machine tools, which have sensors that collect machine data. Analyzing this data has helped manufacturers identify areas for improvement and implement changes to enhance machine performance.

Another machine tool technology is on-machine probing, which helps to ensure product quality in real-time. On-machine probing makes sure both the tooling and the product are in the correct position throughout the machining cycle. Even small errors in the tool path can cause a part to be scrapped. With on-machine probing manufacturers have essentially built the product quality check into the machining process. This has helped reduce errors and waste while improving efficiency.

Predictive Maintenance for Machines

With sensors collecting data from machine tools, it’s easier than ever to know how a machine is performing. As stated previously, that helps manufacturers make adjustments for improved machine performance, but this data can also help with machine maintenance.

Sensors often collect so much data that advanced software is needed to sift through it. After these software tools parse the data, there is a mass of information on how the machine tools are performing. Manufacturers use this information to determine appropriate maintenance schedules for machines. But modern machine capabilities can even take it a step further by creating their own predictive maintenance schedules.

Predictive maintenance technologies use machine data to assess how long machinery and machine tools can run before they require maintenance, or, in some cases, replacement. The software then alerts manufacturers to this timeframe, allowing them to preemptively schedule the maintenance to avoid or minimize disruptive downtime. Advanced predictive maintenance software can even use smart technologies like artificial intelligence to automatically schedule maintenance.

Automated Machinery

Automation technologies are now a lot more prevalent in Canadian factories and machine shops, with some production lines being fully automated. Automated machines such as large industrial robots and cobots are an obvious advancement of manufacturing machinery. But another way automation has affected machinery is in the design process. Modern manufacturing machines are now designed with automation in mind. Machine designers utilize software tools and advanced manufacturing principles to ensure modern manufacturing machinery can function in an increasingly automated future.

Multitasking Machine Tools

Machine tools used to be designed to perform one specific task, such as turning or drilling. Now multiple tasks can be done by one machine platform with the same fixturing. This equates to significant time savings because machinists don’t have to move parts between machines nor re-fixture parts between tasks. Multitasking machine tools eliminate errors that occur as a result of the re-fixturing process and also help to reduce waste.

Multitasking machines have advanced to the point of having intricate components with complex capabilities. This progress in multitasking technology has allowed manufacturers to accomplish more with less machinery, helping them remain competitive while maintaining low overhead costs.

Discover Advanced Manufacturing Machinery at the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show

Manufacturing machinery has gone through significant advancements during the fourth industrial revolution, and manufacturers can see these new machines for themselves by attending a manufacturing trade show. The Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS) hosts a number of machine shops and manufacturing companies with live machine demonstrations. Taking place every two years in Toronto, this manufacturing event helps attendees connect with top suppliers in the Ontario region and beyond.

Aside from just seeing new machine technologies in person, CMTS attendees also have the opportunity to learn from manufacturing leaders and experts during keynotes, panels, and various other speaking sessions. This helps manufacturing professionals and companies stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and strategies for successfully adopting new manufacturing and machining technologies. To learn more about manufacturing machinery advancements and meet with Canadian machining companies, attend CMTS.