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Supporting Advanced Manufacturing in Toronto

Canada has always had a prominent industrial sector, with manufacturing in Toronto, Ontario, continuing to drive growth in the industry. Though Canada is known as a leader in many traditional manufacturing industries, such as machining and fabricating, advanced manufacturing companies and technologies are starting to take over Toronto and the surrounding Ontario province.

Smart technologies such as additive manufacturing, automation, and robotics are helping to turn Toronto into a global leader in advanced manufacturing. The automotive and aerospace industries are also a significant part of Toronto’s advanced manufacturing sector. These industries, along with different institutes focused on advanced manufacturing, are driving innovation in the region.

Aerospace Manufacturing: Toronto

Advanced manufacturing technologies are prominent in the aerospace industry, and Ontario has the second-largest aerospace cluster in Canada. As an aerospace hub, the province employs 21,000 people throughout 300 aerospace companies. In Toronto alone, aerospace manufacturing employs 15,000 workers across 150 businesses.

With such a sizable workforce, it’s no wonder the province is focused on innovation and growth within the aerospace industry. To further this goal, the Downsview Aerospace Innovation and Research Consortium was recently established in Toronto. The goal of this consortium is to establish itself as an aerospace innovation hub and a global leader within the industry. This joint effort between the region’s academic institutions, aerospace companies, and government is working to ensure Toronto continues to advance within the aerospace sector.

Automotive Manufacturing: Toronto

Ontario has a sizable automotive manufacturing industry that boasts manufacturing facilities for GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda, and Stellantis, and more than 100,000 skilled automotive workers. Canada as a whole is the 16th-largest country for vehicle production, with 1.12 million vehicles produced in 2021.

Electric vehicles are currently taking over the industry, and Ontario has the resources — such as lithium — needed to develop electrical vehicle batteries, as well as a commitment to continue growing the region’s automotive sector. The Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network (OVIN) is committed to building the province into a leading automotive manufacturer and supplier.

OVIN is supported by the provincial government and the Ontario Centre of Innovation. The network works with local companies in the development and testing of emerging automotive technologies, encouraging them to test these cutting-edge technologies locally within Ontario. Doing this not only helps the province drive innovation within the automotive manufacturing industry, but also expedites implementation of these advanced manufacturing technologies throughout the region. This helps to improve local infrastructure and roads and provides residents with access to top automotive technologies.

Regional Advanced Manufacturing Institutes

The Toronto Institute of Advanced Manufacturing (TIAM), located at the University of Toronto, is entirely focused on advanced manufacturing technologies, working to improve research and development of these technologies to accelerate progress. The institute’s research is dedicated to advanced materials, advanced processes and systems, and to knowledge-based manufacturing, with an emphasis on nanotechnology, biotechnology, energy, and sustainability.

Founded in 2014, TIAM provides the expertise and capabilities to turn Canadian manufacturing’s extensive research and development investment into commercial products and processes within the advanced manufacturing field. TIAM also offers training and development opportunities to highly skilled manufacturing workers to ensure Canada’s workforce advances alongside its technology.

Another advanced manufacturing institution in the Toronto area is the Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. Located in the outskirts of Toronto, this college is a leader in emerging technologies, and is home to the 40,000-square-foot Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technologies (CAMDT).

The centre partners with companies on advanced manufacturing initiatives, lending its expertise to help them explore smart technologies and advanced tools. CAMDT works on overcoming challenges in the manufacturing industry, with a focus on several different advanced manufacturing technologies — including additive manufacturing, automation, and simulation and design.

Farther away from Toronto, in London, Ontario, is another site dedicated to manufacturing: The Advanced Manufacturing Park. The city of London partnered with local higher education institutions Western University and Fanshawe College to bring this 130-acre technology park to life. 

Created to give Ontario a competitive advantage within the manufacturing industry, the park is designed to facilitate collaboration between research and development teams, manufacturing entrepreneurs, and investors — helping them develop innovative technology and solutions for the manufacturing industry. Toronto and its surroundings are just one area of a province working to become an advanced manufacturing powerhouse.

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