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The Best of CMTS: Day 2 Highlights

After a successful first day of The Best of CMTS, the excitement amongst attendees and exhibitors remained strong heading into day two. Here’s your recap of what happened at the event in 2021! 

Day 2 Keynote Presentations 


Mike Brownhill, Export Development Canada (EDC)

Day 2 of The Best of CMTS kicked off with in-person and virtual attendees hearing from Mike Brownhill, Commercial Account Director, Advanced Manufacturing,

Export Development Canada as he discussed how manufacturing companies have navigated disruptive events, sharing lessons learned over the years from companies who have survived and thrived through challenging circumstances, and how these lessons can be applied going forward. Mike also shared how opportunities are developing for companies focused on ESG (environmental, social, and governance) in their operations in his keynote presentation “Back to Global Business: Managing Risk & Seizing Opportunity Amongst Black Swans”.


Jayson Myers, Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen)

Jayson Myers, CEO, Next Generation Manufacturing, joined by Gillian Sheldon, Director, Investment Partnerships, Next Generation Manufacturing (NGen), outlined how manufacturers need a plan now in order to turn challenges into business opportunities, and how advanced technologies will play a role. 

SME ZONE Smart Theatre: Day 2 Tech Talks and Smart Hub Presentations 

cmts-day2-3.jpgIn the SME ZONE Smart Theatre, CMTS participants were able to gain insights into Getting Started with Industrial Robotics with Bob Rochelle from Gudel Inc., 3D Perception: The Gateway to Autonomous Robotic Manufacturing with Francois Simard, Omnirobotic, The Digital Enterprise: Infinite Opportunities from Infinite Data with Gorve Rekhi from Siemens Canada, Supercharge CNC Program Optimization by Leveraging Verification Software with Scott Reiner from CGTech, and Leveraging AI and the Cloud to Secure and Monitor Distributed Industrial Assets presented by Hobivola A. Rabearivelo from BI Expertise.

Show Floor Exhibits and New Products

Exhibitors showcased machine tools, tooling, metalworking and advanced manufacturing products and solutions spanning a wide variety of industries and use cases.