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The Best of CMTS: Day 3 Highlights

Here’s your recap of what happened at Day 3 of The Best of CMTS, featuring speakers from the APMA, TELUS Business, CME, and more!


Day 3 Keynote: Flavio Volpe, President, Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association (APMA)

Day 3 of The Best of CMTS kicked off with in-person and virtual attendees hearing from Flavio Volpe, CEO, Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association (APMA), as he discussed electrification of the automobile, governments switch over by 2035, and the real future -  a mix of successes and failures of the tug-of-war over retiring internal combustion.

Flavio posed ‘what will high voltage platforms facilitate in the adoption of advanced connected technologies in vehicles?’, ‘who will own the terra-bytes of data that these machines will generate?’, ‘how does a customer’s relationship change with the car makers in a data-driven world?’ and  ‘what is the nature of supplier relationships in 2035?’ in his keynote presentation “Our Real Electric Future”.

Day 3 Industry Panel: “Driving Transformation: Enhancing Wellness, Safety, and Security in Manufacturing”

Moderated by Erin Hartnett, Ontario TELUS Business Solutions Manager, TELUS Business, and joined by panelists Damien Johnston, TELUS Business, Mathew Wilson, Senior Vice-President of Policy, Government Relations, & Ontario Division, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters and Marshall Berkin, TELUS Business, discussed how manufacturing leaders can bridge the digital divide - integrating new technologies to overcome key industry issues such as attracting and retaining talent amid a skills shortage, increasing employee engagement and productivity by prioritizing health and well-being, creating safer work environments for workers, and mitigating the potential risk and cost of a cyberattack.

SME ZONE Smart Theatre: Day 3 Tech Talks and Smart Hub Presentations

In the SME ZONE Smart Theatre, CMTS participants were able to gain insights into

  • The Necessity of Health and Safety Practices While Implementing New Technologies in Welding and Welding Automation Processes with Duncan Beaumont from Translas North America
  • New Approaches in Real-Time Analytics and Computer Vision Powered by Machine Learning in Automated Inspection with Mike Mohseni, PhD from

AutoMetrics Manufacturing Technologies Inc.

  • Automate the Material Removal Process for Competitive Advantage with Michael Haas from FerRobotics
  • Prepare Your Organization for Industry 4.0 with Digital Lean Sigma with Ijaz Rauf, PhD from SRA Academy

Show Floor Exhibits and New Products

Attending manufacturing professionals explored a diverse and interactive hands-on experience as The Best of CMTS exhibitors put the capabilities of machine tools and tooling, metalworking and advanced manufacturing technology on display. Technical experts will demonstrated the latest applications across multiple industries, including aerospace, automotive and more.