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Use CMTS to Help Your Shop Innovate

By Joe Thompson 

When we eventually look back on the early days of 21st century manufacturing, we will remember the challenges. But we will also be able to look back at the triumphs. 

When the world was stopped by a global pandemic, the manufacturing sector didn’t quit. It stepped up to help create the vital medical supplies needed to fight the COVID-19 virus. It showed its backbone and revealed to everyone how important it is to have a strong, local manufacturing base. 

Status quo manufacturing has, for the most part, been left in our wake. While tried-and-true processes are comfortable and create stability on the shop floor through repetition, they also need to be modernized to meet the long-term challenges that lie ahead. This modernization is achieved by the adoption of new technology, automation, and a commitment by all parties to end the skilled-trades gap. 

A new way of thinking is needed to keep work, jobs, and profits in Canada. Many pathways exist to meet the challenges of 21st century manufacturing, but most start with automation, education, and innovation. 

All three of these pillars of manufacturing can be found by visiting the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS), which is set for Oct. 4-7 at The International Centre, Mississauga, Ont. 

Innovation, professionalism, and displays of manufacturing equipment will set the stage for the upcoming CMTS. The show brings together for attendees technology suppliers that will present new equipment, practices, and industry connections. Visitors will see the latest in machine tools, tooling, forming, and fabricating technologies, as well as advanced manufacturing including additive manufacturing/3D printing, automation, and robotics. 

I encourage you to attend. 

Joe Thompson is the editor of Canadian Metalworking magazine, 1154 Warden Ave., Suite 416, Toronto, Ont. M1R 0A1,