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Implementing an AI-Driven Smart Factory Roadmap

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It is an era of massive change within manufacturing. Labour demographics are shifting, processes are being on-shored, and global supply chains are in flux. Manufacturing executives are looking for ways to do more with less and deliver during uncertain conditions. AI and Industry 4.0 have been touted as tools to solve these issues, but how do you actually get results from these technologies?

This talk focuses on a step-by-step roadmap detailing how manufacturers can crawl, walk, and run through the process of implementing AI across their manufacturing operations, including:

  • Using periodic, site-specific AI-generated briefs offering AI-generated recommendations for how best practices from top-performing plants can be holistically applied, and how targeted strategies can uplift underperforming sites.
  • How to leverage AI-driven operator assistance for real-time downtime troubleshooting.
  • Employing machine learning to model 'normal operation', thereby enabling early anomaly detection.
  • Strategies to engage and empower teams, fostering a culture of data ownership and continuous improvement.

Plus, gain firsthand insights from a customer who has embarked on this transformative journey, revealing the tangible benefits and lessons learned from an actual implementation.