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Jerry Gould

Senior Technology Leader, Resistance & Solid-state Welding

Jerry Gould is the technology lead for resistance and solid-state welding at EWI. His primary focus is on understanding the underlying sciences of this class of technology, disassembling, and reassembling them to create innovative solutions to key customer challenges. Specific studies have covered resistance and solid-state processes (spot, seam, projection, flash-butt, upset butt, friction, friction stir, etc.) including the creation of new variants of these methods (resistance seam cladding, surface activated resistance welding, resistance roll brazing, low force friction welding). His work also addresses a range of engineering metallic systems, including carbon and stainless steels, aluminum, titanium, and nickel base alloys, as well as composites. New innovations include specialty power supplies for joining aluminum and engineered materials for hypersonic vehicle skins. Jerry is also responsible for developing the capabilities for the statistical design of experiments conducted in production facilities on manufacturing equipment. He uses many of these approaches to investigate various forge welding processes.

Since 1985, Jerry has served on EWI’s senior technical staff, concentrating on forge welding activities. Prior to joining EWI, he was a senior research engineer at the Inland Steel Company Research Laboratory. Though focused on resistance and solid-state welding, his research and consulting have included thermal modelling, weld solidification, electrode deterioration, weldability of various materials, and process kinetics. Additional areas of interest are the mechanical properties of welded joints, design of experiments, quality management, and resistance welding equipment design. Active in technical society work, Jerry serves as a key and peer reviewer for several journals, chapter chairman for the welding handbook, and on executive committees for several conferences. He has published over 175 technical papers and articles on resistance welding, solid-state welding, and welding metallurgy. He holds eight patents.



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