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Alex Qi

Alex Qi is an accomplished visionary and industry leader with a relentless passion for revolutionizing the automotive landscape.

Matt Malloy

Matt Malloy has more than 18 years of research, development, and manufacturing experience in the semiconductor, nanotech, and consumer electronics industries. He leads EWI’s Automation Team with

Luca Tesan

Luca Tesan has been in the Mould-making industry for 20 years.

Loïc Calvez

Loïc Calvez is Co-Founder and CEO of ALCiT. Over the last 25 years, he had the privilege to work with small and large organizations, as a client buying solutions and as a vendor selling

Doug Myers

Doug Myers is currently the Director of Business Development for EWI and leads the business development and sales efforts for the Automotive industry.

Jerry Gould

Jerry Gould is the technology lead for resistance and solid-state welding at EWI. His primary focus is on understanding the underlying sciences of this class of technology, disassembling, and

Chris Casey

Chris Casey is a Partner in the PwC Consulting team based out of Toronto, Canada and leads our Industrial Manufacturing and Automotive sector.

CTMA Tooling Pavilion

Led by CTMA, which represents the Canadian tooling and machining industry, nationally and internationally, the Tooling Pavilion brings together the “Tooling Industry” in Canada to discuss the